Weight Loss Diets


By on September 11, 2016

We all want perfect bodies and the freedom to choose even the most uncovering bikini in the summer. It can be achieved, but if you really want good and lasting results you must think about it in time. You can’t start a diet 2 weeks before your summer holiday and hope that it will make you look like a bikini model. A quick diet can solve the problem of few extra pounds you gained in the last month but if you need to take off more weight you must start dieting and exercising much before. Remember that not only what you eat matters, but also when and how you eat it.


-NO FAST FOOD! Avoid fast food restaurants. If you are hungry have a protein bar or a fruit. You will not have your dream body if you are eating at Mc. Donald’s or KFC. No matter how small that meal is, best rated over the counter diet pills even if its just one bite, it’s unhealthy and it will not make you feel not hungry. It’s just empty calories and bad fats.

-Replace fruit juices with water or green tea. Green tea is know to help burn calories and water is great for getting your metabolism going and for cleaning toxins from your body.

-Balance you meals. Make sure you have fruits and vegetables as well as the fats, best rated weight loss pills carbs and proteins. Since carbs and proteins give you the energy necessary for daily activities, breakfast and lunch should have the most of them. Dinner, however, should be light and early, best rated diet pills for women just to keep your stomach working until bed time.

-Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals will not help you loose weight but do completely the opposite. Your metabolism will slow down and your body will try to keep all the calories because “the next meal is God knows when”.

-Spice up your food with chilli peppers. They will make a meal taste better and they are great fat burners because they speed up the metabolism.


-Eat foods rich in fibers (apples, for example). The fibers are hard to process and that creates the feeling of being full for a longer time, plus, it keeps your metabolism in a steady pace because the stomach working all the time trying to process those fibers.

-Eat more times per day. Eating three modest meals plus two snacks is better that eating only three big meals. This way you will not feel hungry between the meals and not feel heavy after the meals.


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